Movie Stars Who Are Only In It For a Paycheck


Let’s be kind and entertain the possibility that some stars are only offered big budget pablum and that’s why their reel is filled with so many Golden Razzie winners. But even if that’s the case, it’s disheartening that these actors have become known mainly for cashing the check and cranking out the crap.

Among the top names in this ignominious field are:

Nicolas Cage. Leaving Las Vegas was 14 years ago, and 2002’s Adaptation was obviously a very rare gem. Otherwise, once he became an A-lister, Cage immersed himself in glitzy sequels, useless remakes, and guinea pig movies.

Kate Hudson. A promising breakthrough in Almost Famous was quickly followed by a string of cheesy comedies and adventure films that have threatened to make her almost over (though the imminent Nine is definitely prestigious and could break the trend).

Eddie Murphy. Shrek was obviously a good move and his quality stint in Dreamgirls brought out the best in him, but that was obviously just for “one night only.” Eddie fled back to the fart jokes faster than you can say Imagine That.

Anyone else? Keanu, perhaps?