Nathalie Jordi Writes About the Unbecoming Realities of Selling the City’s Cutest Popsicles


Nathalie Jordi, one of the owners of People’s Pops, has an ongoing column in The Atlantic that describes the highs and lows of running a small food business in New York. Today, reflecting on “how few [of] the difficulties of operating a small popsicle business in New York City actually have to do with popsicle production,” she details some of the ways in which the city can be a food business’s worst enemy and best friend. On the one hand, there’s traffic, which even on Sunday at 7 a.m. can be a nightmare, particularly if 42nd Street has been closed off for a half-marathon. On the other, she sells the day’s first pop to Keri Russell, “star of Felicity, a show I used to love.” And, summoning the sentiment underlying the formation of every other artisanal food business that’s taken to the streets, or Brooklyn Flea, over the past year, she asks, “Where else in this country could we sell a $3.50 popsicle made out of corn and watch people line up joyfully to buy it?”

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