Tony Avella Denounces Standard Hotel High Line Peep Show


The New York Post continues to celebrate the nude performances regularly taking place in Standard Hotel windows overlooking the High Line. Today’s article quotes a “friendly bellhop” at the hotel, who says, “We don’t discourage it” — that is, the peep shows — “In actual fact, we encourage it,” though Post reporters found that management does encourage guests to keep their curtains drawn from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. — to ensure their privacy from window-washers.

Christine Quinn makes some noises about it, but who’d have thought the most full-throated denunciation by a public official would be that of Mayoral candidate Tony Avella? He released this statement yesterday:

“Parents can’t bring their kids to the park because of what they might see,” Avella says. “I have a tip for the people who built this place: the view is supposed to be what’s outside the window, not what’s on the inside”…

True to form, Avella also manages to bring the focus around to rapacious developers: “Once again, developers feel like they can do whatever they want in the city, regardless of the law and regardless of the impact on the neighboring community.”

“I’m no prude,” Avella assures us, “but we can’t accept it just because it’s happening in a fancy building in a nice part of town. The park is for everyone, not just wealthy exhibitionists and those who want to ogle them.”


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