Matt and Kim Do “Daylight” on Jimmy Kimmel Live!


And now may we present the video of our fearless neighborhood heroes Matt and Kim’s debut late-night television appearance last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Our bets were on them doing either “Lessons Learned” (the one with the streaking video) or “Good Ol’ Fashioned Nightmare” (the one featured in the rivalry network fall-season-comedy ad). But instead they did our personal favorite ode-to-Brooklyn-joy jam “Daylight,” which is even more incredibly awesome than the other two choices, considering that it had Matt shouting out Grand Street to insomniac suburbanites. (South Side represent.) Best of all, during the percussionless bridge, Kim hopped up on her drumset (recognize her sneakers?), Matt hit a wrong note, and you can hear him audibly giggling. He does this later on again at the 2:28 mark, after another off-key move. The post-show Tweet: “Ha got a little nervous, messed up a couple times, but we all made it through alive!” Such imperfection is one of the many things that makes these guys so great–with a couple of beat up instruments, a tremendous attitude, and a cohesive partnership, you too can laugh about screwing up on late-night TV. Co-sign.