Obama’s Treasonous 9/11 New York Event Will Feature Gary Sinise


As you may have heard, President Obama wants to commemorate 9/11 this year with a “Day of Service and Remembrance” dedicated to good deeds, which rightbloggers and other lunatics have denounced as a “plan to desecrate 9/11” by making it “a day of activism, food banks, and community gardens” rather than a day of talking for the thousandth time about what one would do with Osama Bin Laden if he were standing right here.

Well, plans were announced today for a “United We Serve” event at the Beacon, honoring “the people who have answered President Barack Obama’s call to volunteer,” and along with such expected traitors as The Roots and Jimmy Fallon, it will feature Gary Sinise, a rare Hollywood favorite of conservatives (“Not All Hollywood Actors are Anti-American, Gary Sinise Stands Tall,” says the definitive Free Republic). Clearly Sinise has been brainwashed by Obama’s food-bank agents. Is there no depth to which he will not sink in his mad quest to reward our enemies with canned goods?

The show will be free to “volunteers and members of the 9/11 community,” which is code for members of the Inner Party. Traitors who wish to prove their devotion to treason by volunteering for 9/11 service may do so here.



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