Picnick, Smoked Is Coming to You


Good news for FiDi office workers who don’t have time to queue up for Picnick, Smoked’s fuckin’ awesome brisket: In a few short weeks, you can have it delivered to your office.

“We’re going to start delivery hopefully by the end of September,” says PS’s Kevin Pomplun. Right now, he and co-chef/owner Will Goldfarb are planning to deliver their entire menu within a 12-block radius of the trailer, though, like everything else, Pomplun says, “We’ll see how it goes.” Catering plans are also in the works, but in the meantime, the two chefs are just “trying to get on top of lunch service.” They’re also in the process of ordering a second trailer to handle demand, particularly for the brisket: “It seems to be one of the hottest sellers, and is the hardest to maintain,” Pomplun says.

“It needs to be sliced and spends 72 hours in brine and then another 15 in the smoker.”

Unsurprisingly, Pomplun and Goldfarb — who go through 500 pounds of meat every day — have been getting a lot of business inquiries. “Partners are falling out of the woodwork,” Pomplun says. But he and Goldfarb remain focused on more mundane details. Right now, he says, “we’re trying to get a bit of electricity down here so that we can make milk shakes.”


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