Post Whoops Up Yet Another Public Nude Scene, Ending in Arrest


The newly nude-crazed New York Post, official promoters of the High Line nude controversy, got such a lot of mileage out of that nude subway shoot by Zach Hyman last week that they decided to record Hyman’s similar escapade in the Arms and Armor Room at the Met Museum. They even enlisted photographer Clint Spaulding, who did the shots for their subway story, to record this latest session. (NBC New York has a ridiculously obscured video.)

Alas, Hyman only got a few snaps off before Museum staff and police interfered, and hauled off model Kathleen Neill and charged her with public lewdness. The model’s arrest, rather than the hoped-for “Gawrsh! A nekkid gurl out where folks kin see!” angle, is the focus of all the stories, even that of Fox. Our angle: The biggest local backers of the scream-for-Jesus Republicans, who believe the human body is made for torturing rather than exposure, are also the biggest local advocates and enablers of public nudity.

Our public nudes, on the other hand, are philosophically consistent!



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