Staten Island Little League Heroes Fail


Remember the excitement when Staten Island sent a team to the little league World Series? “MEET THE SOUTH SHORE LITTLE LEAGUE SUPERSTARS,” said the Post, and profiled all the members of the South Shore All-Stars. David Wright sent them a message of encouragement and equipment. They got to meet Bucky Dent.

Well, it’s all ashes now — the All-Stars have been eliminated in a 4-1 loss to San Antonio, Texas…

The experience sounds grueling: “Anthony Scotti, hobbling with a bad hamstring, grounded into two double plays,” reports the Post. What the hell is a 12-year-old doing with a bad hamstring? Thank God there were no mid-outfield crashes or beanballs, and at least the lads have a few days of summer left to romp and play, provided they can get enough oxycontin from their team doctor to help them over the pain of injuries and overwork.

We hope all these youngsters have good sports dads rather than psycho sports dads, and the psychological wherewithal to deal with the agents and shoe marketers who’ll be cruising their schoolyards in September.


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 27, 2009


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