Staten Island Skinhead Arrested for Trying to Burn Down 7-11 (Updated)


One of the things that makes Staten Island a unique part of our gorgeous mosaic is, while the rest of us are all cosmopolitan and tolerant, Staten Island has skinheads — and we don’t mean conscious peace punks, but skinheads like they have in Russia and at Idaho survivalist compounds. Witnesses saw one such lurking around the 7-11 at Bradley Avenue and Victory Boulevard with accelerant, and police picked him up on suspicion of trying to burn it down. Not sure why he’d want to — maybe he thought it was Apu’s Kwik-E-Mart.

The Advance is probably trawling for Stormfront types to either disown the man in question as a “splitter” or to rage about our Nubian President and race war. You are also most welcome here, also, bald dorks! Don’t forget to bookmark!

Update: The Advance now say that while the suspect, Michael Graham, who sprayed the joint with lighter fluid and started a small blaze, is in fact bald, “it is currently unclear if his motive was related to race.” So it’s possible he was just mad at them for not stocking any Bald Guyz products.


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