Three Suicides in 24 Hours in (Where Else?) Staten Island


Really, Staten Island, it’s not that bad. So you have skinhead arsonists and chihuahua killers. That’s no reason to ruin a perfectly nice day in the park with self-slaughter.

Yet it appears two Island residents have committed suicides in local parks, and another has committed a murder-suicide — all in a little more than 24 hours. And they were so close to the weekend! Maybe it was end of summer blues…

Yesterday a man was found, apparently self-shot dead, in his car at Great Kills Park; he has been identified as former NYPD officer James Dugan, who retired on disability in 1994 at the age of 33. And this morning an Asian man was found hanging from a tree in Willowbrook Park.

On Wednesday John Pizon shot his wife Karen and her cat in their Goller Place home, then turned the gun on himself. Mrs. Pizon succumbed later in the hospital; Pizon and the cat died at the scene.


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