Tomorrow: Our 10 Best Food-Themed Pop Songs (since 1900)


Tune in bright and early tomorrow morning for Fork in the Road’s 10 Best Food-Themed Pop Songs. We’ve scoured the pop charts since 1900, and listened to hundreds of youtubes, to figure out which songs deserve to be placed in this hallowed pantheon. Not only do the tunes have to be catchy, but the lyrics have to be beyond memorable.

As in the previous lists (see them here), we’re selecting 10 ranked winners, and 15 unranked runners-up. This time, we’ll be providing youtubes of many of the songs, especially those you may not be familiar with. To get you interested, here are some teaser questions:

1. What is the most popular fruit, by far, in song lyrics? Why?
2. What father and son appear in our top 25 in different bands and different decades?
3. Do you recognize these dweebie-looking fellows? Why do they deserve to be on the list?

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