Watch Live Footage of the Vivian Girls Show Tuesday at Death By Audio


This most certainly won’t be our last reference to the Vivian Girls’ show two days ago at Death by Audio or their upcoming sophomore release, Everything Goes Wrong. Nor will it be the last time this publication uses the chain name “Applebees” in the same breathe as Kickball Katy or “bathtub.” (Follow the links if you’re truly that lost.) But, fair cubicle-tethered friends, there’re certainly worse ways to spend the last bit of your day than watching live footage of three songs from the Viv’s Tuesday set spliced together (“Second Date” “Never See Me Again” “Tell The World”), thanks to un:ART:ig a/k/a Torsten Meyer, who’s like the combat-booted version of NYC Taper. No big surprises here in their new-record-promoting live show–but that’s sort of the point with this band. Also, the current print Fader with the Drake/Girls cover has Cassie and Katy’s high-school yearbook photos. Guess what? They look, pretty much, the same–no surprises there either.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 27, 2009

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