New York

What’s Your Favorite Coolatta Flavor?


To beat the heat, I’ve been finding myself at Dunkin’ Donuts a lot–and not just for the club kid outlaw parties. I’ve actually been gracing the place in order to sample the various Coolatta flavors, hoping to eventually try every version they sell of the “frozen, blended drink” which basically consists of crushed ice and some syrup.

So far, my frosty faves are:

(1) Vanilla bean. Zingy, wacky, yet very sane, this drink is so refreshing I don’t even need sex afterwards.

(2) Watermelon. A saucy summer brew with a fruity bouquet. You’ll want to take it home and get to know it better, but you’ll undoubtedly have finished it by then!

(3) Grape. You can’t go wrong with grape–and they don’t–but with this one, you sort of DO feel you need sex afterwards.

In my future are Strawberry, Tropicana Orange, and Original Coffee, and by time I’m sampled them all, I’m pretty sure my favorite Coolatta will be…whichever one I’m drinking at the moment!

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