50 Cent’s “40 Day” Still Happening on Sunday in Queens, Sans Performance; Q-Tip Still Totally Outraged with the Mayor





50 Cent’s “40 Day,” the long and irrationally feared weekend block party thrown for the residents of the South Jamaica Houses in the area around which 50 grew up, is still scheduled for this Sunday, sans a performance. Mayor Bloomberg himself quashed the idea of 50 performing in Queens, after a series of alarmist New York Post articles led the city to fear for attendees’ safety. Q-Tip, another Queens-born rapper, spoke out to MTV earlier this week, slamming the mayor for getting himself involved with what was basically meant to be a peaceful and fun neighborhood festival.

“[Bloomberg is] not right for the spirit of the city,” the rapper told the network earlier this week. “50 Cent is a success story we all should applaud. However you feel about him, you can’t deny him. He had something going on in his old neighborhood — our old neighborhood, because I grew up there too. He wanted to perform there. He can have the benefit but he can’t perform.” Tip added: “I think the [city’s officials] are aware, but they think [50’s] performance may cause rabble-rousing, or get people to act out. That’s just an old way of thinking about folk, especially black folk. That’s what it all boils down to, essentially.” The event is, however, still happening. 40 Day will feature other people’s music, lots of food, and a mingling contingent of 50 and his “celebrity friends,” whoever they may be. Bette Midler’s New York Restoration Project is a co-sponsor, so bet on her, we guess, although does Bette Midler even go to Queens?

Q-Tip Slams Mayor Bloomberg For Discouraging 50 Cent Show [MTV News]

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