Guinness Bans Muslims from Black Eyed Peas Concert in Malaysia


In a bow to pressure from conservative elements in the government, Guinness has agreed to ban all Muslims from attending a Black Eyed Peas concert it’s sponsoring in Malaysia this month.

The move comes after a Malaysian Islamic court sentenced a 32-year Muslim woman to be caned after she was caught drinking beer in a hotel and at a time when an opposition Islamic party has moved against beer sales.

If you want to go to the concert, which celebrates the 250th anniversary of the company, you have to go on the show’s website, and answer the question, “Are you a non-Muslim aged 18 years and above?” If your answer is no, you simply can’t buy a ticket.

Malaysia has a population of 27 million people. More than half are Muslim. Technically there is a ban on the consumption of alcohol by Muslims, but the ban is regularly flouted, says a Reuters report

Sales of Guinness beer in Malaysia topped $340 million dollars in 2008.


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