Take Back an Oscar!


The Academy Awards are planning all kinds of ways to jazz up and reinvent their ceremony–like making the Best Picture category include 10 entries, no doubt so G-Force can catapult to the nominees’ list.

But I have a great idea for rejuvenating the show. How about if every year they announce that they’ve looked over all the previous winners and they’ve decided to take back one Oscar?

This way, they could start undoing Oscar’s wrongs by removing the gold from the hands of the undeserving, one trophy at a time.

I’ll start with someone dead, so it can’t really hurt her. That much. I propose that they take away Loretta Young‘s Oscar for The Farmer’s Daughter, a strained comedy which wasn’t even worthy of a Golden Globe. And who should they give it to? No one! Just taking it away is good enough!

Any other ideas? (And leave my Hillary Swank alone.)

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 28, 2009

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