The Blogroll Gazette: The Feed Vindicated; Will Food Trucks Destroy Themselves?


This week in food blogs…

The Feed rejoiced over Saveur magazine renaming its food blog Daily Fare, which it had originally — cluelessly — called The Feed.

Following a kerfuffle at Schnitzels & Things, Midtown Lunch calls on all food trucks to stop fighting, lest the wars result in the end of street vending.

The Feedbag‘s Josh Ozersky, who is banned from Momofuku, finally gets to taste its fried chicken… and deems it “not that good.”

Grub Street discovered Public had to pay a small fine for serving kangaroo meat.

Eater found out from a tipster that Spiderman‘s Tobey Maguire may play Alinea’s Grant Achatz in a movie of the chef’s life.

The Atlantic Food Channel had a post by the Nimans about why farm animals should be protected by animal rights legislation, just as pets are.

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