50 Cent’s “40 Day” Was Cancelled By the City



After a tremendous amount of public back and forth between 50 Cent’s camp and Mayor Bloomberg’s office about whether or not the rapper’s “40 Day” block party would be allowed to proceed as scheduled, representatives for the rapper announced at the last minute that the celebration — which was supposed to take place yesterday in Jamaica, Queens — was cancelled. “The G-Unity Foundation and New York Restoration Project are deeply saddened and disappointed to learn that the permit for our upcoming Family Day event was not granted by the City,” read the statement, which was released to MTV News. “As a result, Family Day — scheduled for August 30th — has been postponed until further notice.” This did not stop 50 from returning to the neighborhood and the projects around which he grew up on Sunday.

A Saturday performance by the rapper at a New Jersey Six Flags, to which he bussed a bunch of kids from Queens, went off as planned. From the Great Adventure stage, 50 Cent pointed out how ludicrous it was that he had an easier time doing a concert in a New Jersey theme park than in his own neighborhood in New York City. “Motherfuck the police,” the rapper added, pointing to a bunch of them standing in the back. Postponed until further notice indeed.