Banged-Up Mets Having Trouble Fielding a Team


The frickin’ Mets are so banged up with 13 players on the DL, the Jersey Star-Ledger says they hardly have enough minor leaguers to keep the team stocked with players. “The team looks more like the Buffalo Bisons than the New York Mets,” says the paper, “with Nick Evans, Cory Sullivan, Wilson Valdez, Lance Broadway, Ken Takahashi, Pat Misch and other replacement players dominating the 25-man roster.” Binghamton catcher Josh Thole, 22, is expected tomorrow. “I’ll look to play him,” says manager Jerry Manuel.

After his beaning a few weeks back, David Wright says he’s ready to play. Hopefully the team will give him one of those new reinforced S100 helmets that Rawlings has been sending around to teams, and which will be mandatory in the minors starting next season. Actually all the Mets should get them, and they should wear them on the field.