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Bushwick Blogger Beaten, Can’t Get Police Report


BushwickBK blogger Diego Cupolo tells an unnerving story about some guy beating the hell out of him in front of his building on Grove Street, in “a nice neighborhood full of families and people that work,” in an attempt to steal his bike a few weeks back. Cupolo resisted, and took several blows to the head from an umbrella in a plastic bag, which sounds unserious but left him with a bleeding wound that required eight staples to close. Though Cupolo observed witnesses who did not come to his aid, his neighbors were helpful after the incident, but the 83rd precinct “claim they do not have the [police] report” he needs to get reimbursed for medical treatment — though he had cooperated with officers who arrived at the scene, he had not been able to give them a good description of his assailant. “More on why crime is down,” comments Queens Crap. The 83rd’s most recent Compstat figures show crime down 31.91 percent for the week versus the previous year, though felony assaults doubled to 10.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 31, 2009


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