Daily News Bike Reporter Doomed To Walk?


Biking Daily News reporter Simone Weichselbaum may be furiously searching for her beloved two-wheeler: a blue and yellow Surly Steamroller.

The reporter has written that she uses her cycle to go pretty much everywhere: “I hate being in the overpriced sticky subways and opt to ride my sweet Surly Steamroller instead of paying for a cab. I bike to crime scenes while on the job for the Daily News, and have no problem peddling to dinner parties sporting shorts under a fancy dress.”

But Weichselbaum may have to endure humid subways and expensive cabs like the rest of the city’s non-biking dupes, as she appears to have taken out a Craigslist ad asking for help finding her vehicle, which got swiped last week.

“If you guys have seen my Surly Steamroller painted blue and yellow covered with pro-biking stickers, could you please help me get it back. Someone managed to slip the U-Lock off a pole in front of 212 Ave A on Sunday. This bike is my baby.”

Weichselbaum recently penned a piece for the News in which she describes rocketing through NYC using brassy techniques taught to her by bike coach John Campo. “Campo teaches folks how to ‘street ride,” writes Weichselbaum,”a culture mixed with bike messenger-styled aggressiveness (yes, we scream at drivers and pedestrians not giving us the right of way) and staying safe.”

A note that looks to be from the journo says the theft happened while she worked the story of the homicide of the Forbidden City bouncer last Sunday.

The blog NYC Bike Snob comments the possible theft “underscores a fundamental truth about ‘street riding,’ which is that you’re only as fast as your bicycle is secure.” Messages left for Weichselbaum at the News and through the number posted with the ad have gone unanswered.