Eric Ripert Visits Dan Barber for an Episode of PBS’s ‘Avec Eric’


Le Bernardin‘s Eric Ripert dropped in on Dan Barber at Blue Hill at Stone Barns to shoot an episode of his upcoming PBS show Avec Eric. Ripert posted a dispatch of the encounter on the show’s website:

“I was lucky to spend a day with Dan while we were shooting an episode of my upcoming PBS show, Avec Eric. He took me on a tour of the farm and explained how the farmers, livestock managers, and beekeepers all work together with the chefs to grow food that is proper for this area and for the season. Practically everything used in Dan’s restaurant is grown and made right on this property. The flavor profiles of every ingredient are full and rich and absolutely at the peak of their flavor because they come from right outside the kitchen door.”

The Ripper also noted how he and young Barber have similar tactics:

“Dan also likes to use his office as a sort of conference room and a place to dream up new menu items. Just like we have at Le Bernardin, Dan and his staff have a board that they write ideas on (and sometimes draw little pictures).”

Like two peas in a locally grown pod.

[via The Atlantic Food Channel]

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