Giuliani Will Stump for Secessionist Gun Nut Texas Governor


Rudolph Giuliani is preparing for his expected gubernatorial run by shoring up his Republican credentials. He’s been heavily involved in the state party’s doings, and now he’s doing his bit for the national party by making speeches for Texas Governor Rick Perry. Perry gave Giuliani a much-needed endorsement during his disastrous 2008 Presidential run, even though Perry’s gun policy varies slightly from Giuliani’s (that is, Petty favors them for schoolteachers, in banks and churches, etc) and has since distinguished himself mainly by calling for Texas to secede from the United States, which continues to excite local yahoos and peckerwoods. Perry needs Giuliani’s help with the 2010 GOP gubernatorial nomination because the Governor is now considered so far out that Senator Kay Hutchison is running against him. Giuliani will speak on Perry’s behalf at some fundraisers on September 15 and 16.