Jockbeat: It Must Be September in Queens


Back on February 25, Philadelphia’s City Paper declared war on our National League team in an article entitled “An Incomplete List of Reasons Mets Fans are Douchebags.” (Grudgingly, we admit to our favorite, “All Mets fans break out their Yankees caps in October.”)

In their August 6-13 issue, the alternative paper from the city with the team with the most pathetic history in professional baseball takes another gratuitous swipe: in a column on the best “nonregistered” Phillies shirts, take a nasty pot shot at the Mets. You probably saw a few at Citifield when the Phillies were there August 21-24, and you’ll see more  September 11-13 if you go down to see the Mets play the Phils at Citizens Bank Park.  The shirt proclaims: “It Must Be September In Queens” with a picture of a fan in Mets blue shirt with his hands over his eyes.

“As long as the Mets exist,” says City Paper, “they will continue to suck when it counts. Ergo this shirt will never, ever, ever get old.” This is some chutzpah coming from a city that just won its second World Series since the Civil War. (Alongside that record, the Mets’ two World Series flags since 1962 seems positively Olympian.) It must be September in Queens?  How about a series of Phillies shirts commemorating the sweep of the Whiz Kids in the 1950 Series? Or the infamous 1964 collapse? Or the notorious floparoos in the 1976, 1977 — Greg Luzinski as a defensive replacement?? — and 1978. Or Pete Rose and Joe Morgan stumbling around the bases against the Orioles in 1983 or Mitch Williams serving up that home run ball to Joe Carter in ’93?

C’mon, Mets fans, the tide has to turn some time. Let’s start some counter designs for next year.