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Latest Michelle Obama Outrage: Closes Eyes, Maybe Bumps Head


Oh good: we were worried we’d have to get through the day without an outrage. The latest offense: Michelle Obama closing her eyes at Ted Kennedy’s funeral. “Michelle Obama falls sound asleep during Ted Kennedy’s funeral,” cries PUMA site HillBuzz. “The least this woman can do is stay awake during the funeral of the murderer who gave their family that dog her husband named after his own initials.” “The always classy Michelle Obama, exhausted from her Martha’s Vineyard vacation, can’t keep her eyes open during the Homily at the funeral of Senator Ted Kennedy,” says BucksRight. If you’d like to see the First Lady get her comeuppance, there’s also footage of her allegedly bumping her head as she enters Air Force One. It’s quick and may not be as advertised, but you can read into it, as Holger Awakens does: ” First Lady, Michelle Obama, Gracefully Bonks Her Head On Apparently Too Small Jet Doorway.” The Right Perspective calls it a “blooper.” “Muchelle getting her hips bruised going in and out of the a door sounds more probable than her head,” muses Lame Cherry in a spectacular 855-word post on the subject. The woman’s just a nightmare! How did she ever get elected?


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 31, 2009

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