Medical News of the Day: Kids with Chronic Headaches, “Freshman 15,” Job-Fear-Related Illnesses


Nationwide Children’s Hospital tells us that “Kids’ Headaches, Migraines Increase as New School Year Begins.” We are much more surprised to learn that “more than a third of children suffer from recurrent headaches.” They counsel that kids “get plenty of sleep and minimize caffeine intake.” Maybe Junior should switch to decaf?

No less disturbing are Binghamton University dietitian Alexa Schmidt’s back-to-school tips for incoming collegians, who are said to be subject to a “freshman fifteen,” stress-related weight gain. Yoga, meditation, and gym classes are recommended, as are such recipes as “1-cup vanilla or plain yogurt and 4 strawberries.” Back when college student smoked a lot of weed, we didn’t see these problems…

Here’s another stunner from the University of Michigan: “Job Insecurity Leads to Health Problems in U.S. Workers.” “It may seem surprising,” says sociologist Sarah Burgard, “that chronically high job-insecurity is more strongly linked with health declines than actual job loss or unemployment.” You may or may not be comforted to know that “to reduce the chances that underlying pessimism or negativity was responsible for the degree of job insecurity participants felt, the researchers also controlled for neuroticism.”

And oh yeah: “It’s Not Time to Panic, but Time to be Aware of Swine Flu.” Too late.

Update: Oh hell, we can use a little good medical news after all that: “Drinkers More Physically Active Than Abstainers.” “Alcohol users not only exercised more than abstainers,” says the lead researcher in the University of Miami (!) study, “but the differential actually increased with more drinking.” Salud!



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