Mimi’s Hummus Will Beget a Wine Bar and Market


Mimi’s Hummus, the diminutive Israeli restaurant that’s been luring the chickpea faithful to Ditmas Park since it opened in February, is getting a new next-door neighbor. Avi Shuker, Mimi’s owner, is in the process of opening a market and wine bar. The wine bar, whose name Shuker doesn’t want to divulge yet, will “happen two to three months from now.” He plans to carry wines from all over the world, and make use of the garden space that’s attached to the storefront. The market, Shuker says, will be called, simply, “Market,” and will stock a wide range of Middle Eastern products, such as cheese, pickles, olives, and prepared foods, as well as cheeses from Italy and other regions. “It’s going to be small and cozy,” Shuker says. “It will have a similar design as Mimi’s.”