The John Dory Now Sleeping With the Fishes


Eater reported over the weekend that the John Dory, Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield’s nine-month-old seafood restaurant, would close on Saturday. Yesterday, Grub Street went to the Tenth Avenue restaurant and discovered that it had indeed shuttered: Workers were dismantling the space as a taciturn Ken Friedman looked on. Though the reaper has visited plenty of restaurants over the past year, the John Dory’s demise still comes as a shock: Nine months ago, Friedman seemed to be an empire-builder who could do no wrong, packing throngs of faithful into the Spotted Pig and Rusty Knot; the Dory’s opening was one of the year’s most fiendishly anticipated. It earned strong reviews: Frank Bruni gave it two stars, declaring it “a place that doesn’t look like any other and that doesn’t taste like any other, either,” while Our Man Sietsema enjoyed its cod sperm.

The restaurant’s closure came with little warning, aside from an earlier Grub Street interview with Friedman in which he alluded to the financial difficulties wrought by the restaurant’s reservation system. Though the restaurateur has claimed the Dory will re-open in a different location, so far, there’s no word of where that may be. Right now, it appears that the restaurant is lost at sea.


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