Bloomberg Gets Billie Jean King Endorsement


Mike Bloomberg picks up the endorsement of tennis legend Billie Jean King. “Guess what?” says King. “Bloomberg’s in my house tonight! Mi casa su casa… Mike Bloomberg really helped, cares about the LGBT community which obviously as a lesbian is very close to my heart. He wants to make New York City a better place in every way whether it be getting crime down, whether it’s AIDS-related, whether it’s women’s issues, whether it’s environment, the economics of our city — he wants us to have a healthier, better life — he’s the kind of guy that just grows on you — I like him better and better and better every day I see him I love him more and I think, I hope everyone in New York will vote for him after looking at all the issues, he’s the right guy for me and I think he’s the right guy for New York City and for all of us.”

Well, at least King actually lives here.