Bloomberg’s New Swine Flu Plan: “Flu Centers,” Sesame Street


We might call this “David Rosen gets action”: Mayor Bloomberg has outlined the city’s new plans to meet the swine flu threat. Along with free vaccinations for grade school students, the city will turn some of its medical clinics into “flu centers” at which citizens may obtain information and treatment, create a new dedicated web site, etc. The city is sticking to its plan to close schools only “as a last resort.”

City and federal agencies will also partner with Sesame Workshop to develop a national public health campaign for children, in which residents of Sesame Street will tell children to “wash their hands, sneeze into their arms, and avoid contact with their eyes, nose and mouth.” Will Muppet Mayor Mike appear to lecture children? Will Snuffleupagus be revealed as Patient Zero? Will Oscar refuse to cooperate, and wind up in a medically-induced coma? In the 3D holographic YouTube of the future, these spots will no doubt be a source of nostalgic pleasure, if swine flu hasn’t wiped us out.