Fork in the Road on the Road: Tex-Mex at Trudy’s in Austin


One-fourth of Fork in the Road spent the weekend in Austin, drinking margaritas and swimming in lakes. Since we were at the mercy of others who had rented cars, good barbecue was not in the cards (County Line BBQ was hugely disappointing), but we did stop by Trudy’s, a UT hangout, that specializes in gutbomb-y Tex-Mex. Observe the queso (a Texan dip made of melted cheese, milk or cream, and seasonings like guac and/or chiles) above, and you can see what we mean.

Click through for more gutbombs, Texas-style.

The best smoked brisket we had all weekend, actually, was on shredded on top of Trudy’s sopes, and augmented with a smear of beans.

And finally, Trudy’s specialty, migas–a scramble of eggs, fried tortillas, and, of course, more queso.