This Week in the Voice


Mike Bloomberg has a deal with the city that keeps his mayoralty separate from the business he founded. But Bloomberg the company has a way of benefiting on local deals even without the help of Bloomberg the Mayor. You may have noticed, for instance, that the Yankees‘ cable network used to be on channel 30. Then, as the city was working on a big new contract with cable provider Time Warner, YES was moved to channel 53. Now on channel 30: Bloomberg TV. There’s lots more. Wayne Barrett has it.

The All Tomorrow’s Parties Festival in Monticello was a big idea that became a big deal. Christopher R. Weingarten gets some backstory from the principals. Sample: “The Black Lips will never play [ATP] again — they’re assholes. They broke into a chalet and started stealing stuff.”

Eileen Myles has been a poet, novelist, essayist, performance artist, and Presidential candidate. Alan Gilbert profiles her and examines her new book, The Importance of Being Iceland: Travel Essays in Art

Dim sum is still a mystery to many of us. Robert Sietsema takes the occasion of a trip to Sunset Park’s dim summa cum laude East Harbor Seafood Palace to educate.

Everyone else was there to see or be seen, it seemed, but Sarah DiGregorio went to The Standard Grill so she could tell you about the food. Laugh line: “The ‘million-dollar roast chicken’ for two… [was] suffering from dry, sunken breasts — some of the clientele could probably recommend a good plastic surgeon.”

Vito Lopez has been flexing political muscle in Brooklyn for a long time but shows no signs of slowing down. H’s the kind of guy that yells “We need a team player!” at political rallies — and gets cheered for it. Tom Robbins invites you to observe the master at work.

Michael Musto‘ takes in Avatar, Antichrist, and Lady Rizo, and still has room for celebrity dish.

Michael Feingold eschews criticizing plays for the nonce to talk about play criticism itself, and what the internet does to or for it.

Dan Savage is all about the love mail.


In Music: Ron Harvilla on the Vivian Girls, Baz Dreisinger on Queens’ Irie Jamboree.

In Film: J. Hoberman on Extract, Liverpool, and a Suspiria revival, Zach Baron on Anthology’s Mondo Fandom rockdocfest, Anthony Kaufman on Unmade Beds, Ella Taylor on Amreeka.

In Theater: Alexis Soloski on Provenance of Beauty.

And Ask a Mexican, Free Will Astrology, and everything else.