Whitney Houston Can Still Dominate Central Park, If Not the Charts


I Look To You, the post-crack-allegations, post-Bobby, post-reality-TV “comeback album” by Whitney Houston, is out today, and she’s in Central Park at the moment, packing em in for Good Morning America. The crowd there seems split between surprise at the crowd Whitney still draws (“On line for Whitney Houston at Central Park…and it’s like 2 miles strong!!“; “Don’t these people have jobs?“) and pure uncritical ecstasy (“At GMA Whitney Houston concert in Central Park. Crowd is going crazy and she is not even on stage“). The fact that her voice now sounds like that of one of Marge Simpson’s sisters is evidently not a problem. How are things going, mid-performance? “So far whitney houston is perfoprming like I never left I look 2 u and my love is ur luv!!” Get em Whitney!