Alleged Eliot Spitzer Comeback Run Supersoaks Local News


Eliot Spitzer’s alleged plans to run for office — which notion is denied by the former Governor and supported only by anonymous sources — continues somehow to be news. The New York Post, which broke the “story,” harasses Spitzer at his home, where he says “The only thing I’m running for is my cab,” and runs not only a picture of Ashley Dupre in a bikini, but also a picture of Ashley Dupre’s mom in a bikini. (She looks great!) “If Spitzer does go through with this fool’s errand,” says New York‘s Daily Intel, “there’s only one thing Ashley can do to stop it: She should run against him.”

A poll is conducted: SurveyUSA finds only 39 percent of New Yorkers committed to voting against Spitzer, and citizens find him more qualified to serve as Governor than David Paterson, 41-24 percent. (Giuliani beats him, though.)

Paterson is forced to deny that he has heard of Spitzer making a comeback run…

The Daily News examines the relevance of the “Pain of Eliot Spitzer scandal for ex-governor’s wife Silda” to the upcoming Julianna Margulies TV movie The Good Wife (“Thwack! Minutes later, away from the flashbulbs and hordes of jostling reporters, she slaps him hard across the face”).

The Post also finds Leslie Crocker-Snyder in last night’s Manhattan D.A. candidates’ debate tying Spitzer to Robert Morgenthau and opponent Cy Vance in an “old boy’s network,” conjuring lurid visions of old-man orgies at the Emperors Club.

“Reports claim that disgraced former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer can’t shake politics out of his corrupt blood,” says Gather correspondent Anthony Del Pellegrino.

Well, we’ve done our bit to destroy journalism. Back to the hunt for celebrity nudes!