Bloomberg Flexes Muscle; Q-Tip Strikes Back


Mayor Bloomberg’s new election strategy seems to be an egregious display of his own power. His office announces that he will stage a massive outdoor rally on the West Side of Manhattan at 8 p.m. on September 15 — just before the polls close in the Democratic Primary. He has also endowed with $1 million a building at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, which is to be named for his first deputy mayor, Patricia Harris, who attended the school. Ms. Harris “has an extraordinarily close relationship with the mayor,” says the Times. Message: you puny humans are as nothing before the awesome might of Bloomberg!

Will no one rid us of this insolent tycoon? Perhaps Q-Tip. The rapper has unleashed an “Anti-Bloomberg Operation” consisting mainly of Twitter posts and interviews denouncing the Mayor for his homeless policies, his role in quashing 50 Cent’s Queens event, and his third-term bid, which Q-Tip calls “pretty egotistic in a way,” a significant charge coming from a hip-hop star.