Bloomberg Wants to Make Gun-Toting While Intoxicated a Crime


Oh, now come on! If you’re walking around New York minding your own business, and drunk, while carrying a gun, Mayor Bloomberg wants you to get a one-year jail term and a $10,000 fine. And 1010 WINS informs us that even free states like South Dakota and Missouri already have anti-armed-drunk laws like this. What is this, Russia? Sure, rightbloggers of the shootist variety are muscling mayors who side with Bloomberg on these issues to stand down, but how can People of the Gun anywhere consider themselves free when the poor people of New York can’t get likkered up and take their peacemakers for a stroll? And get this: Bloomberg also wants to toughen the state ban on armor-piercing ammunition. How’s a feller to shoot a tank, drunk, with laws like this? And he wants to make it a crime to give your kids guns. Forbid it almighty God! After the boys get that Obama fella, it may be time for them to take a little trip to City Hall. Certainly the people will rise up when true sons of liberty finally walk amongst them, especially if they offer them some chaw and a taste of the jug.