Follow the Pedro Espada Odyssey (in Five Parts)!


Liz Benjamin finds that in 2000 Pedro Espada Jr. — now state senate majority leader — issued a five-part video series about himself (also available here) called “The Pedro Espada Odyssey,” scored with heroic music from Superman and Chariots of Fire and advertised as “a profile of courage, compassion, perseverance and leadership.” The film describes the contribution to the Espada cause of “lifelong friend Sandra Love” who also happens to be the narrator as well as one of three Espada employees at the Soundview Health Center convicted of fraud. As this screencap from the Albany Times-Union shows, Espada is at one point portrayed as the Lone Wolf; we have not had time to learn whether there is a scene in which the Wolf devours the carcasses of lambs. But you go ahead!