News Roundup: Kurt Cobain Turned Guitar Hero Zombie, Aziz Ansari Remixes Kanye and Jay-Z, and That New LCD Soundsystem Record Sounds Crazy


-Someone–presumably, Courtney Love–not only licensed the likeness of onetime living person Kurt Cobain to Guitar Hero 5, but also signed off making him an unlockable, playable character. The upshot? The horrendous video above, in which Cobain is helplessly piloted through Flavor Flav karaoke, Billy Idol’s “Dancing With Myself,” and Jon Bon Jovi’s unbearable “You Give Love a Bad Name,” to name a few. OK, one more: Bush, a band that once pulled this same trick, except they were trying to be Kurt, and not vice versa. The tags on this YouTube video: “spinning graves kurt cobain courtney love is fucking bitch gitaroo man .”

-The hilarious comedian Aziz Ansari, a/k/a Funny People‘s RAAAAAAAANDY, the dude from I Love You Man, and formerly of Monday night comedy at Heathers, etc., remixed his good buddy Kanye’s contribution to the Blueprint 3, jumping on “Hate.” “It’s a new Jay-Z track ya’ll,” Ansari announces. “I’m about to yell all over this shit. Totally ruin it.” Or make it better. Whichever.

-Not that anyone had anything but lofty expectations, but let’s give it up to James Murphy here for making the new LCD Soundsystem record (due in February or March of next year) sound like it will be light years beyond all other music in 2010: “We decided, let’s make Los Angeles an imaginary Los Angeles of the soul from 1973. Everyone had to wear white all the time, so it’s like some sort of creepy fucking cult and we’d go to parties, 10 people in a mini-van all in white, and we’d have enough of an impact on how Los Angels operated. You leave a dent.” For the record, we know someone who rode in that van, so we can vouch for the absolute truthfulness of this statement. Also: “I’m working on a song called ‘Why Do You Hate Music?’. Everyone seems to hate music right now, even people who make music.”