People’s Pops Now Available at Stinky Bklyn


Yet another Brooklyn Flea food vendor has parlayed an open-air following into less weather-dependent success: People’s Pops, the Greenmarket-based popsicles that have been sold at the Flea for the past two summers, are now being carried year-round at Stinky Bklyn. Chris Remy, the owner of the Smith Street cheese shop, says that the popsicle flavors will vary according to whatever the Pops people have at any given time; right now, the store is carrying yellow peach-yogurt-honey, apricot-blueberry-tarragon, and watermelon-spearmint. The pops, which retail for $4.50, have enjoyed an enthusiastic response, says Remy. “People are happy to see them all week long, as opposed to just on the weekend.”