Upscale Restaurants Reinvent Themselves; Where to Eat in Ocean Hill


Fine dining establishments must adapt to the new economic climate by offering “excellence and indulgence at a really low price.” Those that are surviving the downturn have reinvented their menus and concepts.
[NY Times]

Meanwhile, other restaurants are recycling themselves completely, bringing in new chefs and turning to more casual styles of food. Lever House will become Casa Lever, and Jeffrey Chodorow’s steakhouse Center Cut will become Ed’s Chowder House.
[NY Times]

Dining in Ocean Hill is still difficult, but just outside its borders, there’s cheerful Dominican Kalina and Friendly Country Kitchen for Southern comfort food. In Ocean Hill proper, there’s Jay’s West Indian for amazing jerk chicken.
[NY Post]

A rooftop in Greenpoint has become Rooftop Farms, a 6,000-square-foot farm, which grew more than 30 different crops in its first season. The plural on the farms is aspirational.

Richard Caring, a London restaurateur, is opening a New York outpost of Le Caprice, and is a partner in Keith McNally and Nate Appleman’s upcoming Pulino Bar and Pizzeria.
[NY Times]