Voice’s Michael Musto, Dan Savage on Keith Olbermann


Anti-gay-marriage Miss California Carrie Prejean is suing her former pageant employers for discrimination and other high crimes and misdemeanors. Among the parties named in her filing are Keith Olbermann and Michael Musto, because they were mean to her on TV, so naturally Olbermann had Musto on the show last night to continue the mockery. Among MM’s many zingers: “We made fun of you before you were even dethroned, you did it all on your own. We don’t care for your half-naked moralizing, or your earrings.”

As a bonus favor to his fellow liberal conspirators at the Voice, Olbermann also had on Dan Savage, who spoke to the madness of Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann. Savage is more serious, calling Bachmann “a religious extremist,” a “nut,” and “bat-crap crazy.” The former seminarian also pits his Bible skills against those of Christian conservatives, and says people like Bachmann and Glenn Beck are “trying to get the President killed.” Good times.