62-Year-Old Busted for Medicinal Pot, Thankfully Outside Our Weed-Hating Jurisdiction


A 62-year-old woman in the rural hamlet of Evans, New York has been charged by authorities with growing marijuana on her porch. She admits the deed, but claims she needs the weed to treat her arthritis and glaucoma. Local police captain Charles Danzi retorts, “People, when they smoke it, they do stupid things and they get hooked on it and they start stealing. No, any legalized drugs I don’t think it’s a good idea.” Buffalo’s WKBW counters with the story of a local man whose chronic pain from a car accident is only relieved by marijuana: “I went back to the hotel, smoked some and the pain just went away,” says 58-year-old Joel Peacock.

New York State has been working on a medical marijuana bill for years but, despite some encouraging news around 4/20, hasn’t come across yet.

Oder should be happy she was charged in Evans rather than New York City, the Marijuana Arrest Capital of the World. Photo (cc) warrantedarrest.