Health Care Town Brawls Reach Finger-Biting Stage


During one of those health care town brawls in Thousand Oaks, California, an opponent of the President’s plan punched a supporter, who responded by biting off the man’s pinky, which the man picked up and carried to the hospital. “It has begun,” intones Gateway Pundit, grabbing his shootin’ ahrn. “Yes, a 65-year-old man is such a threat,” says Don Surber, who apparently has never read Thurber’s “A Good Man.”

NewsBusters reminds readers that the report comes for a “single eyewitness account coming from a Moveon.Org blogger. Of course,” so what really probably happened was that the patriot offered his hand in friendship and the Obamazombie, maddened by the sight of his American flag pin, lunged. At least, that’s how it’ll be enacted in the PJTV version.

Photo via Gothamist.