Jeez, Chris Brown, Do Better


We do not get paid enough to give the play by play of Larry King’s interview with Chris Brown (his first since assaulting Rihanna earlier this year), which is alternately halting and stuttering and defensive and almost entirely objectionable. (King: “Why do you think you were violent?” Brown: “I don’t want to go into that. Sorry.”) Credit to Larry King for his rising tone of incredulity and dismay as Brown’s mother and lawyer circle the wagons and Brown obfuscates and claims to remember nothing. Brown’s team’s sham attempts to protect Rihanna’s privacy well after that privacy had been thoroughly obliterated by TMZ and entire tabloid and professional press are perhaps the most contemptible–some not-very-well-disguised version of your usual blame-the-victim inanity. Why even bother to go on national television if you have nothing whatsoever to say?