More Spitzer Comeback News: Is Bill Clinton Next? (Exclusive!)


The Voice has learned that former President Bill Clinton is interested in running for political office again. Sources say he is considering either a run for New York city council or for Town Supervisor of New Castle, New York.

Less than 11 years after his explosive sex scandal rocked Washington, Clinton is said by a longtime ally to be “hungry for power, and eager to get back in the saddle, so to speak.”

We attempted to reach Monica Lewinsky and were told we had reached a wrong number, and that if we did not stop calling we would be reported to the police. Calls to the former President’s Harlem office were greeted with howls of derisive laughter.

And oh yeah, the Spitzer pseudo-comeback story continues with the New York Post‘s long quotes from their faithful reader Ashley Dupre, who is “happy to see that Mr. Spitzer is moving on with his life and considering getting back into politics” but wishes people would give her the same kind of break they are allegedly giving him.

She also chides women who would stay in an “unfulfilling or loveless relationship” in order to “have a nice home, a car and spending money,” which she seems to compare with the high-priced escort business, from which she has retired to write music, which you may hear at her MySpace page.

The Post adds an editorial demanding Spitzer forego the run for office that he has repeatedly denied considering. The former governor is teaching a political science course at City College, a traditional stepping-stone to high office.