Yes In My Backyard: Download/Watch Boogie Boarder’s “Bio Hassle” (SOTC Video Premiere)


Yes In My Backyard is a semiweekly column showcasing MP3s from new and emerging local talent.

Listening to Brooklyn’s Boogie Boarder is like chugging a tall boy filled with all the fun parts of noise-rock–with none of the actual noise. That means hand-drawing cute animals on the 36-page zine you package your record in; that means playing ecstatic melodies and erratic drum flurries with no worries about coherence; that means naming your record Pizza Hero. While Boogie Boarder may have the skronk-making abilities of any prized avant-punkos, they use them to produce breezy beach melodies that cut right to the heart of the easygoing twentysomethings that would rather mosh to Matt & Kim than the Locust. Pizza Hero (Famous Class) is eight jolly no-fi jams, each one kindly begging for a bro-hug and a night of Xbox Live. Second track “Bio Hassle” is a sunny blast full of skittering drums and unfiltered happiness. Its manic video tries to boil down partying to its molecular essence (pizza, beer, cake, rocking, breaking shit, balloons) and stuffs them all into a moving van.

Boogie Boarder on “Bio Hassle”

What is a “Bio Hassle”?

William Meismer, guitarist: A word like “cafeteria” comes to mind. And school, which is where we all met. Sex?

How did this song come about?

Meismer: We rarely come to a practice with a fully realized idea… We’re a jam band.
Mark Jack, guitarist: We come to practice with very strict ideas that somehow correspond. When we got together, it all worked, but like a complicated puzzle. We are not a jam band.

What was the inspiration?

Cyrus Lubin, drummer: Fun.
Jack: Octave pedals.
Meismer: A fall ’08 season of touch-and-go employment

Where did you get all the gear to smash in this video?

Lubin: and yard sales. The drums were like $15 together.

What can you tell me about riding in the back of that van?

Lubin: Things got out of hand way quicker then we thought. In like one minute all the balloons were gone and all the food was smashed.
Jack: I like to imagine it was like being a third-class passenger on transatlantic cruise ship in the early twentieth century. Hell, it’s cramped and messy, and the food you get is ruined. So what the hell, chuck it at each other and get drunk. Maybe the boat’s sinking, maybe the car’s crashing, but shit, it’s not like you were really gonna make something of yourself in New York anyway.

Cyrus, your drumming is very tight and snappy, who is your inspiration in playing and sound?

Lubin: Stephen Perkins when I was way younger and definitely bands like Deerhoof, and Pink and Brown. But really I’d say Keith Moon, he’s God.
Jack: Cy’s real inspiration is not knowing how to play drums.

Whats your favorite place to eat in Bushwick?

Cyrus: Tres Hermanos, no question the best tacos I’ve had on the east coast.
Jack: Agreed.
Meismer: I don’t go to Brooklyn.
Jeff Baker, video director: Don’t you live in Brooklyn, dude?