Chicago Baked to Change Name in Deference to Brooklyn Baked


Grub Street Chicago reported yesterday that Baked, a new neighborhood bakery, may have been cruising for a bruising from the owner of our very own Baked, which opened in Red Hook in 2001. Aside from sharing a name — written in almost identical lowercase font —  the Chicago bakery also offers signature desserts very similar to those in Red Hook, such as a malt cake with salty caramel that echoes the the latter’s signature sweet and salty cake. Baked NY’s owner, Matt Lewis, expressed his displeasure to GSC, warning that, “I would suggest they change their name now so we don’t have to fight for what is ours.”

It doesn’t look like he’ll have to: Jennifer Estrella, one of the owners of the Chicago Baked, says, “He [Lewis] asked us to change the name and we are going to change it. I don’t really know what else we can say.” Estrella adds that her bakery, whose storefront will open later this month, has been operating out of a commercial kitchen for the past two years. She pleads ignorance of Lewis’s own operation. “We didn’t obviously mean to make him angry — we were weren’t aware of his bakery and would not have picked that name.” She doesn’t know what the new name will be, but “we need to decide that pretty quickly.”