Dan Barber on Cooking & Offal; Alice Waters on School Lunches


The number of Americans receiving food stamps rose in June for the eighth straight month, bringing the total number of Americans using the service to more than 35 million.
[AP via NY Times]

A new study reveals how kids’ eating habits are affected by who they eat with. Beware your kids hanging out with big eaters — they will eat big, too.

Meanwhile, another study says that the sons of immigrants are more likely to be overweight or obese than the sons of American-born parents. The issue does not affect girls.
[Washington Post]

A number of hospitals around the country are revamping their meal offerings. Cooking competitions among hospital chefs are helping cafeterias to push the envelope.
[Wall Street Journal]

Dan Barber explains why food politics begin in the kitchen, and expounds on why we eat too much meat and especially the wrong parts of the animal.
[The Nation]

Alice Waters also gives her two cents about what’s wrong with America’s eating habits. She says food education should start at school, both in the classroom and the cafeteria.