GOP Candidate’s YouTube Draws “Jerk” Comment from City Worker, Leading to Outrage


Alex Zablocki, Tea Party speaker and Republican candidate for public advocate, has not much chance of being elected, but he is an effective self-promoter and has demonstrated a great quickness to take offense. Zablocki posted a YouTube video, and someone commented, “What a jerk.” Zablocki’s troops tracked down the commenter, one jfkraus1, and found him to be Jeffrey Kraus, head of the Voter Assistance Commission, a city agency that promotes voting and voter registration and is supposed to be non-partisan. Kraus insists he called Zablocki a jerk because, the Daily News says, he was “patting himself on the back a little too much” in his video. Zablocki bitched — “beyond what I can even put into words,” he called the comment — and forced an apology.