Labor Day Ideas for Broke Stay-at-Homes


Survey says there’s less traveling and more staycationing over the Labor Day weekend than in years past. Small wonder, with a national unemployment rate of 9.7 percent, the highest in 26 years (figures released just in time for the holiday!). This may explain why a Claris poll finds 88 percent of U.S. workers happy with their jobs — namely, because they exist.

So what can you do? The unions want you to remember that you wouldn’t even have Labor Day without them; you’ll have to wait till next weekend for the official parade, so for now just contemplate the historical achievements of working men and women (“The original ‘teddy bear’ came from Brooklyn”) or give thanks to Eugene Debs, “the socialist whose actions helped bring about Labor Day”…

You may prefer to take in the West Indian American Day Carnival, happening all weekend and culminating in Monday’s brilliant parade on Eastern Parkway. And/or shop; the stores need you, and most will have sales.

Time Out New York counsels a day trip to such exotic locales as Hoboken (which Hoboken Now appreciates). Smart401k suggests that Labor Day is “a Perfect Time to Review 401(k) Goals.” Well, it don’t cost nothin’. You can also go to the Tompkins Square Howl Festival, or Brazilian Day, or just stroll around in the expected beautiful weather. You’re still in New York, after all, and you didn’t even need a plane ticket to get here.